HMS Druid

  • HMS Druid - midships detail
  • HMS Druid - bow
  • HMS Druid - bowsprit
  • HMS Druid - stern
  • HMS Druid - rigging
  • HMS Druid

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A Virginia built cargo vessel. The Brilliant was purchased by the Royal Navy, renamed the Druid and refitted as a sloop of war in 1776. Weighing approximately 300 tons and 140 feet long, she originally carried 14 six-pounders on the upper deck.

Early in 1777 she sailed to the Caribbean, where she remained in service as the HMS Blast. She was “paid off” in August 1783 to end her career in the Royal Navy.

The model is scratch-built at ¼ inch scale, using apple, boxwood, mahogany and walnut woods.

Cherry wood case. Dimensions – 15 1/2” W x 44” L x 34 1/2” H

Price: $15,000.00

For more information, or if you are interested in purchasing this model, please contact Henry.