Getting Started

getting started on the Enterprise

This shows the model of the Enterprise after a month of getting the project underway. I built two platforms, one to carry the hull upright; one to carry it upside down. Each model requires its individual set-up depending on the size. After the bulkheads are set, I stretch a rubber band over the ship to secure it to the platform.

I have never used many power tools, but a band saw, a small belt and disc sander are essential. Sharp cutting blades and fingernail files plus fine small pieces of 220 and 400 sand paper are always useful. I rely on Elmer’s wood glue and at times dilute a small amount in a small jar fitted with a tight lid. This helps the joining process in small areas. I also keep a supply of wooden toothpicks nearby. They are handy for spreading glue, mixing paint and solving inevitable small problems. Push pins and small pieces of wax paper and wooden clothes pins are essential.

At the beginning of a ship model project, I focus primarily on the outside of the hull.

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