Laying Groundwork for the Rigging

Working on the deck prior to rigging

This photo gives the observer an idea of how to progress from the outside of the hull to solving what needs to be completed inboard before the masts, bowsprits and rigging are started. I prefer doing first all of the small deckside items including the main rail and the positioning of the bowsprit and the stem rails. Catheads need a lot of extra thought and tweaking.

It is very easy to make mistakes, and one may have to start over to solve issues with certain parts. It is very hard to keep in mind that you are working on a scale of 3/16ā€ to a foot.

Hull completed; some tools of the trade

Note also in the photo that Iā€™m showing a few tools that are important ā€“ wooden toothpicks, small files and chisels.

I try to solve one small problem at a time and try not to be concerned when I have to start over or remake an item.

My advice is to never look at the clock. Remember ā€“ time is not the master of the task on hand!

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