Stern Work

working on the stern

Creating the stern end of wooden ship models is very difficult, regardless of size and scale. One has to be ready to redo things and to “walk away” until you figure it out. Some of the strips of wood will have to be soaked in water and then bent over a wooden form that represents that part of the stern. Patience is the word in dealing with the stern! You may even have to reinvent and start over on parts that aren’t working out.

hull of the Enterprise

This is a view of the Enterprise after three months of work. I have not worked on the interior at this point, and am not sure whether I will paint or stain the hull. I find that it’s important to solve each small problem, one at a time, otherwise one can really become discouraged.

I would like the final model to represent the Enterprise. There are, to my knowledge, no plans or accurate records of the ship. Its story is interesting, so I’m using some creative instincts and personal interpretation to hopefully arrive at a pleasing ship model.

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